Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Services

Zen Dog Spa offers a variety of services to best suit your dog’s needs. From a Spa Bath to a Spa Groom, we tailor each appointment and styling to fit your dog’s unique needs and personality.

Our Spa Bath Service includes:


●  All Natural Shampoo

●  Coat Conditioning

●  Blow Dry

●  Ears Cleaned

●  Nails Trimmed & Buffed

●  Paw Pad Trim

●  Complete Brush Out

●  Fragrance Spritz

●  Bow or Bandana

Prices starting at $35


Our Spa Trim Service includes:


●  All services included in our Spa Bath

●  Trim the feet, face and sanitary area

Prices starting at $40


Our Spa Groom Service Includes:


●  All services included in our Spa Bath

●  Complete haircut

Prices starting at $50

Puppy Spa Package


This is a great way to introduce your puppy to the grooming process. We use lots of treats, praise and positive reinforcement to make grooming fun for your pup!! All new puppies should have this service at least once before receiving a Spa Groom.


●  All services listed in our Spa Bath

●  Trim feet, face & sanitary

●  Introduction to clipper

Prices starting at $40


Our Pampered Pet Package can be added to any Spa Bath, Spa Trim or Spa Groom for $15, it includes:


●  Premium Shampoo

●  Fresh Breath Treatment

●  Paw Soak

●  Blueberry or Cucumber Facia​l


Our A La Carte Services can be added to any grooming service. Nail trim and ear cleaning are available as Walk-In Services.


A La Carte Services

●  Ear Cleaning $5

●  Paw Trim $5

●  Paw Soak $5

●  Blueberry or Cucumber Facial $5

●  Fresh Breath Treatment $5

●  Shed Control Treatment $10

●  Nail Trim $15

●  Nail Pawlish $10

●  Deluxe Pawdicure $20 (Nail Trim, Paw Soak and Paw Pad Treatment)


Express Groom


Cage free grooming! Your pup goes from the table to the tub, back to the table, eliminating the need to spend anytime in a crate!! We will call you 15 minutes before your pup is ready so that you can pick them up as soon as their groom is complete. This service needs to be scheduled ahead of time and there is an additional $15-25 fee, depending on the size of your dog.

Not sure which services to choose? Call us today to talk with one of our Canine Stylists to determine what service is right for your dog.